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  1. Just a small thank you for the walks you both gave us on our stay in Puerto de la cruz.. We both wish you the best of luck in your relocation to Lanzarote later this year.
    Best Wishes Les and Janet Arrandale.

  2. Stephane,
    A quick note to thank you v much for leadings us on the walk on Friday. Good fun … great sights … lots of exercise … and learnt about Tenerife!! Thanks again.
    Ben and Hilary

  3. We visited Puerto De La Cruz in December 2012. The trip we took with Pas a Pas to Anaga was fantastic. This kind of trip we could not have done on our own. And the scenery and nature is hard to find anywhere else. Our guide, Stephane, had a lot of information about Tenerife, its nature, history and even politics. So we enjoyed the walk and the talk. Wish we would have had the time to take more than only one walk… Hopefully we will be back for Masca some day!

  4. We visited Tenerif in November and went on 4 walks with Pas a Pas – and each walk was simply great! We enjoyed all of them and would like to thank Nadine and Stephane for the very good organisation of everything, the interesting information during the walk and the nice atmosphare! The routes chosen were scenic and easy to walk – and we would not have seen so much if we would have decided to go on our on.
    Thank you Nadine and Stephane – have a nice Christmas and a successful New Year! And maybe Susanna joins Nadine on one of the walks on Lanzarote.
    All the best, Torsten and Susanna (Berlin, Germany)

  5. My son and I had three fantastic walks with Nadine and Stephane.
    They have both a very big knowledge of nature, history and Tenerife living.
    Did You know that Heather could grow to tree size, I didn´t.
    Did You know that You have to bring very warm clothes especially for the Teide Tour, I didn´t.
    We look forward to another mountain walk with you next time we visit Tenerife 😉

    • I visited the Tenerife last Decembre and enjeyod it thoroughly the scenery is extremely varied and interesting. However I found the water to be rather cold at that point of the year so next time I plan to go during spring or summer.Dennis Czigler

  6. Tenerife has some great scenery and interesting plants you won’t see anywhere else. The best way to see these is to walk in the country with a knowledgeable guide.
    Puerto de la Cruz has many German firms offering day guided day hikes using public buses. We have walked with them and it was fine, but the rest of the guests are German and everything has to be translated for us (my German being somewhat inadequate!), and it can lose a bit in translation.
    In December 2010 we found a French/Swiss couple who provide day walks in English. Nadine and Stephane (…) are very knowledgeable about Tenerife, its history, plants, flowers and birds.
    The walks are not terribly strenuous, if you like rambling in the UK it will be for you.
    The firm’s website is and I highly recommend them. You can also get their leaflet from the tourist office in Puerto. Walks leave from outside the post office (building with a yellow sign) which is one street down from where all the buses leave. Drop them an e-mail if you want to sign up for a walk, or give them a call.

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