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Teide viper's bugloss Nadine Girardot, licensed guide, founder of ABC randos, will be pleased to welcoming you to the Macaronesian Islands, (Canary and Azores archipelagoes) where she offers different programmes with average walks, cultural excursions, visits of geological sites and handicraft markets,  with good local food to conclude the day.

This island is my favourite, it is such an incredible landscape with over 100 volcanoes, huge craters, lava flows, and fields of scories where vine is growing! But everything is not just black on this island, the houses are white, the sand, covering part of it, is yellow and the sun could be red at the end of the day. Apart from walking in such an environment, we’ll visit a volcanic tube, and the house of Cesar Manrique, the local artist which influence could be felt on every corner of Lanzarote. Just amazing!

The Big Island, the most visited of the Canary Islands, yet its paths are not crowded.  you will walk inside the evergreen laurel forest, along the Atlantic coast, in the oldest area where erosion built deep ravines, in the Teide National Park (highest peak of Spain) and you will visit one of the nicest food markets in La Laguna (World Heritage city). Wine & tapas also in the menu !

Just a little further north, lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is an archipelago that deserves to be explored: The Azores. The programme will take place only in June  for the climate is very unpredictable! This volcanic region, that is still very active, will offer to the few visitors unforgettable experiences. We will visit two islands Sao Miguel and Pico, the walks are the highlight but we’ll also enjoy a bath in the hot spring in Furnas and go whale watching in Pico.

For any further information, please contact: abcrandos@yahoo.com

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